Released fall, 2005 Produced by Carl Dimow and Jack Diamond
Carl Dimow (flute, bass flute, guitar, cigar box ukulele, vocals)
Steve Gruverman (clarinets, alto sax, pennywhistle)
Julie Goell (bass, vocals)
Nancy 3. Hoffman (accordion, vocals)
Hayes Porterfield (drums, darbukka)

This recording moves forward and back: in time and place, in spirit, and in mood. There are some classic traditional tunes, some old tunes reinvented, a number of original pieces, a Ladino song and a couple of visits to musical cousins from Greece and Macedonia. The CD begins with some serious reflections and gradually moves on to a big party, followed by a lullaby. Enjoy the journey.

Click here for lyrics and translations of the songs from "Journey".
What they're saying about Journey ...
The Tummlers newest album, Journey, epitomizes neo-klezmer. The music exudes the sound of celebration. Soulful bursts of intense sound..... transport listeners through a range of emotions and experience.

Journey is undeniably klezmer; however the Tummlers experiment with the tradition using Greek, Celtic, American jazz and even Latin influences to create an entirely original collection of songs. The Tummlers are able to express what it means to be Jewish musicians in the twenty-first century through an articulate fusion of contemporary sound with traditional roots.
- Jewish Voice.