Jumpin' Jewpiter!

Released: fall, 2000
Carl Dimow (flute, guitar)
Danny Mills (clarinet)
Julie Goell (bass, vocals)
Nancy 3. Hoffman (accordion, vocals)
Hayes Porterfield (drums, xylophone)

The music on this recording is drawn from the material we performed in Europe in 2000.
What they're saying about Jumpin' Jewpiter! ...
Varied album showcasing the talents of all its members...includes a xyolphone doyne by Hayes Porterfield, a sensual, jazz-influenced flute doyne, several vocals by bassist Julie Goell, and, of course the clarinets of Danny Mills, whose sound ranges from Greek to Statman!
- YiddishMusic.com.
Whenever I think that I have heard one traditional klezmer album too many, and that I don't want to hear anything that isn't radically punk or edgy or elsewhere, someone comes along and does a nice, charming, traditional, heimish album worth listening to. In this case, Maine's Casco Bay Tummlers, fresh back from a tour of Europe, have released a witty, well-played second album of traditional and traditional-inspired Jewish music, "Jumpin' Jewpiter!"Along with traditional instrumentals such as "Freylach Yiddelach" (here played not-so-traditionally on xylophone and reminding some of us of the great San Francisco Marimba Klezmer Band of concerts past, or of the Kleveland Klezmorim), there is delightful verbal byplay in "Mechuteneste Mayne" (My Dear Inlaw) in which a future mother-in-law is warned to treat her new daughter-in-law as her own, and a delightful rendition of Kurt Weill's "Surabaya Johnny". There's a lot here to enjoy, so I'll try to keep it near the CD changer until I've had a reasonable amount of listens.!
- Ari Davidow