Klezmer Music

Released: winter 1997 (available direct from the Tummlers)
Carl Dimow (flute, guitar)
Anne-Marie D'Amico (tuba, castanets, egg shakers)
Julie Goell (bass, mandolin, guitar, vocals)
Nancy 3. Hoffman (piano, accordion, vocals)
Ed "Edly" Roseman (clarinet, tenor mandolin, guitar, piano, recorder, bones, arrangements)
Hayes Porterfield (drums)
The album features traditional Klezmer instrumentals and vocals as well as arrangements and compositions by Edly and other Tummlers. There's quite a variety, from the Tummlettes 3-part harmony version of Edly's arrangement of Abi Gezunt, to eternal favorite Lebedig un Freylach, to a new, updated take on Tum Balalaika, and subgroup Casco Bay Strummlers' version of Ot Azoy. . . and quite a bit more.
What they're saying about The Casco Bay Tummlers...
I just received your CD, I am up to track 8, and I was sufficiently overwhelmed to email you immediately!! ... This is absolutely one of the most beautiful I have heard. It is so sensitively played, with so much feeling. (Often Klezmer albums sound to me like a group of jazz musicians all methodically doing what is prescribed, and amazingly for a style inherently moving, losing any sense of warmth)... please convey to members of the band how moved a certain radio-DJ in Sydney, Australia is!
- Yaron Hallis, "The Hot Club," Eastside Radio, 89.7 F.M.
The Casco Bay Tummlers performed at our Yiddishkeyt MameLoshn Weekend in New York on June 11, 1998. They were outstanding!... It was a wonderful evening thanks to the very talented Tummlers... I highly recommend them.
- Dr. Alice Falkenstein, Director, Kessel Jewish Cultural Institute
...there is a new CD out by The Casco Bay Tummlers. It is absolutely fantastic. With music from the rollicking freylachs to a haunting song from the Holocaust, this is the best I have heard... this is an important piece of Yiddish culture that should be sustained and nurtured. Everyone should welcome The Casco Bay Tummlers into their home.
- Charles Epstein, The Jewish Post & Opinion, Indianapolis
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